Office community with Central Café

The café is the lounging area of Central Business. You can bring guests for lunch, or participate in the friday café.

What is Central Café?

Central Café is a hub environment in the Central Business office community. Some tenants choose to have more casual meetings here, where they can offer customers or business partners refreshments, and have lunch.

In Central Café there’s always low volume lounge music playing, ensuring a cozy and relaxing atmosphere for when you just need a quick break.

Central Café is also utilized for our friday café, where tenants gather each friday for a beer, a glass of wine, or whatever else they’re into. Here, topics such as the week’s happenings, networking and current news are discussed.

In addition to what was previously mentioned, Central Café is also used for events such as courses, receptions, or other relevant activities. If you’re not a tenant in Central Business, you can still rent Central Café. Contact us at +45 70 27 33 23 to hear more.

Interested in an office in Slagelse?

Would you like to have your own space in an office community amongst other businessfolk?
At Central Business, we’ve got room for everyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up, or even an established business. This means you won’t just be meeting individuals from your own area of expertise; you’ll gain a unique network and sparring partners close by.

Pictures from Central Café in the office community Central Business