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Central Business has tenants with businesses from all walks of life and sizes. Our tenants consist of both entrepreneurs and established businesses. Although the tenants of our office community hail from different businesses and walks in life, we still manage to create synergy, for both the social aspects and the business aspects. Should you be interested in becoming part of Central Business, go ahead and call us at +45 70 27 33 23 or you can book a tour of the offices here.  

Hush Little One is a business dedicated to the little ones and their sleep.

The business was formed by Sara and Nicolaj based on their own parental struggles with getting their toddler to sleep soundly at night, and their childfriendly weighted blankets have proven very popular with danish parents.

Mathias Mendel is a real estate agent firm being operated from offices in Frederiksberg and Slagelse. They usually operate independently without bank ties.

Tegnestuen Moritz deals in most areas of architecture. Amongst these are design, sketching, and project planning, as well as construction management.
ISolink Slagelse

ISOLINK is a business that works on improving indoor climate, primarily focused on temperature and its effects upon buildings.

FIFO Network Slagelse

FIFO Network is an IT-business with a wide selection of services including e-commerce, productsupply, and IT-solutions. They offer high quality services and integrated solutions.

BoligPartner is a real estate advisor, offering guidance and aid through the entire real estate transaction. They’ve got an overview of the transaction, and help prospective buyers with all the practical things from start to finish.

Lawyer with expertise in buying and selling real estate. Since 2013, he has made it his duty to acquire vast knowledge regarding real estate.

Lingua ApS works in online marketing, where they are specialists in SEO, affiliate marketing, and content strategy.

Copenti ApS is a quality conscious web agency. Copenti ApS owns several media outlets, such as MandeMand, Shoppia,, Erhvervsfronten,, and Studenty.

Graphic Packaging is an international business that produces various types of sustainable paper packing.

Hydrosafe Slagelse

Hydrosafe deals in the management of hydraulics in dusty environments. Their core function is to design and produce equipment to eliminate hydraulic oil leaks.

iReception Slagelse Gæsteregistrering

iReception is a guest registration system which businesses can use to optimize their reception. The system can notify employees when their guests have arrived, among other features.

LicenseDesk Software Slagelse

LicenseDesk is a Danish software business that offers software from the largest software distributors.

MG Rådgivende Ingeniør Slagelse

MG Rådgivende Ingeniør ApS is an advisory engineer business that deals in helping businesses with engineering projects.

Sinis works in the building, implementation, and optimization of business systems. This includes guidance for quality, CE-marking, ISO-certifications, and improvements for the work environment.

Struktør Funch is a railway and construction contractor, advisor, and design firm located in Slagelse, where we all have a passion for our work and listen to the customer’s needs. With 15 years of experience, we’ve acquired large amounts of expertise and knowledge in many fields of entrepreneurship. Whatever you need, whether it’s railway work, preliminary digging, or work around sewers and drainage we can offer a solution.

Openbox Slagelse

OpenBox is a consulting firm, offering IT guidance related to infrastructure for businesses, AWS Cloud computing, and digitalization of processes. They can help design and support networks.

LeakHunter helps you during deployment of vapor barriers, membranes, or other leakproofing plans, ensuring the quality of the work is high. This means you always know how leakproof your building is, and they can also help locate critical leaks before they become unmanageable.

What we see is that our 30 years of experience in leading and coordinating development makes a real difference.

Our solutions are built in cooperation with the customer, according to their wishes along with what is feasible.

The development of ServiceStyring started in 2019, where the goal was to make Denmark’s perhaps most intuitive and userfriendly service and planning system.

Combined with a user-friendly solution, the focus was, and is, to deliver price conscious, specifically tailored solutions, so you don’t pay for functionality you do not need.

EnergiKøb assist and advice their customers when applying for energy subsidies. They’ve been working with subsidy schemes since 2014, and their experience is that the application process is complicated for most. That’s why they wish to ensure a swift and easy process.

Første-hjæ is a course business, offering first aid and rudimentary firefighting training. We teach everyone, from individual people to entire associations and businesses. Our deeply passionate instructor loves to teach, which you can really feel when you’re at one of Første-hjæ’s courses.

Remember: Your hands can save lives.

Triple Trading is a company within packaging, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, and more for the restaurant industry! They are in full bloom, dedicated to constant development and optimization of their services.

SjøGreen Therapy is a psychological practice that primarily works with the method of metacognitive therapy to treat anxiety, stress, and dissatisfaction.

Condair is part of a global group where they manufacture and sell the market’s most advanced systems and equipment for humidity control. They specialize in humidification, dehumidification, evaporative cooling, and measuring instruments for professional use in a wide range of industries and sectors worldwide.

Anzet is a company specializing in advising businesses. This advice can take many forms, but three core values are prioritized whenever possible: working conditions, local initiatives, and economic growth.

Anzet places great importance on ensuring satisfaction for each individual in the process and strives to eliminate any friction.

Triple Trading is a company within packaging, cleaning equipment, cleaning supplies, and more for the restaurant industry! They are in full bloom, dedicated to constant development and optimization of their services.

Concepteq develops products and concepts within the dietary supplement industry. Their primary focus is to deliver personalized dietary supplements directly to your door, designed to meet your specific nutritional needs. Their mission is to make personalized nutrition easier, tailored to you, and accessible to everyone.

SABA Sikring is a company consisting of five skilled employees who carry out all types of security systems. We primarily focus on monitoring sprinkler systems and do so for a large portion of the sprinkler companies in Denmark. We are certified to install large ABA-systems and have significant experience in this field. Our work area covers the entire Denmark, but primarily in Copenhagen.

Ascendit, established in 2024 by Rasmus Myhre and Jesper Martin Jensen, is a consultancy specializing in the digitization of internal processes. With over 25 years of experience in developing applications for administrative purposes and a background in economics, we create tailored solutions using Microsoft Power Platform and Excel. Our expertise includes project management, reporting via Power BI (including financial reporting), CRM systems, SPC systems (quality control), and much more. was founded in 2018 with the aim of establishing and handling large volumes of biological by-products for the production of green biogas. Biogas that can be distributed across Europe through the trans-European gas grid.

Waste is a resource that should be recycled, and at Miljøservice, we specialize in providing society’s and industry’s residual products for recovery. We have a large network of partners and up-to-date knowledge of legislation. We are characterized by entering into turnkey contracts from the collection of the residual product until it is finally disposed of, naturally with full traceability and documentation.

Slagelse Festuge is an association that aims to create a genuine family celebration that embraces and brings everyone together around our local culture, sports and art.

A week filled with culture, music and fun for the whole family.

MËRK is a local design agency that creates evocative experiences. With a holistic process as the driving force, I work with my clients to communicate their story, messages and values through visual means.

The design agency is run by Katrine Tornbjerg, with 10 years of experience, she has honed and refined her skills in visual identities, printed matter, illustrations and website and webshop design. The design agency’s cases and network span a wide range, from national companies to small local start-ups.

Hjemmeoptik started in 2011 because we believe that everyone, regardless of mobility and age, should have the opportunity to get an eye test. For people with reduced mobility, a trip to the optician can be a daunting task. That’s why, since 2011, we have been traveling to Danes with reduced mobility to perform an eye test in their own homes.

Slagelse Festuge is an association that aims to create a genuine family celebration that embraces and brings everyone together around our local culture, sports and art.

A week filled with culture, music and fun for the whole family.

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