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Central Business offers a large, modern office environment in Slagelse, with lots of benefits, such as: A communal café area, free parking, elevator, fast and stable internet, and more. Central Business is an office community with room for everyone. Contact us and we’ll tell you all about our many benefits – and feel free to tell us your needs as well.

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Central Business lies at the very heart of Slagelse at H.P. Hansens Plads. By joining us, you will have an office located centrally in Slagelse with great parking, good facilities, and a network around you.

Slagelse is a strong city for business, where you can find several office communities.

By renting a space at Central Business, you and your business become part of the city’s heartbeat, and gain a network consisting of every other business in the building. In addition, you’re guaranteed a flexible office solution for your business and your employees.

At Central Business, you’ll encounter established businesses from many different areas of expertise. This offers you a unique opportunity to gain a new network, consisting of motivated and skilled entrepreneurs and business owners, with varied perspectives to further drive innovation.